Poweshiek County Sportsmen’s Association

The Poweshiek County Sportsmen’s Association, founded over 35 years ago in central Iowa (Poweshiek County lies astride I-80 about 60 miles east of Des Moines), promotes and sponsors the sports of 3D archery and several forms of firearms shooting competitions and disciplines.

Membership is open to anyone interested in practicing and promoting these sports.  The annual membership fee is $50, which entitles members to full use of the club’s archery and shooting ranges. All memberships new/renewal for 2021 have to go through the safety training and have photo taken for PCSA Officers to have on hand to check against video if problems arise. Only PCSA Officers will have access to the photos/video.

The PCSA’s facilities include a 100-yard outdoor rifle range, located just south of Montezuma, Iowa, and a few miles west of Montezuma is the club’s 50-foot indoor pistol and archery range with an outdoor trap range and a 3D archery match course, and the Bear Creek Trap range is located North of Malcom. The club’s facilities are open to use by members every day of the year (except for scheduled events listed on the calendar) and at any time from 8AM – 8PM. (See the Contact Us page for directions.)

Many of the PCSA’s activities are directed toward honing individual skills, however, the club also organizes a range of competitive matches that allow members to improve their skills in a variety of disciplines and to test themselves and their skills against their friends and fellow members.

Reminder that membership does not carry over, it is January 1 to December 31. Combinations change on all PCSA locks January 1. Also if you didn’t receive a newsletter in March, June, September or December to let us know by email at pcsashooter@gmail.com and we will get one sent out to you