Montezuma, Iowa
3D Archery / High-Power & Small-Bore Rifle / Benchrest Rifle / Shotgun Trap / Bullseye Pistol        
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3D Archery

Match Directors: Mike and Diane Henry

The PCSA course for 3D archery is one of the finest and most challenging in the state, and our 3D competitions draw shooters of all ages in many categories of experience and equipment.

            The popularity of the club’s events means that on a typical 3D weekend there are likely to be a hundred or more shooters. We draw competitors from a wide area of Central Iowa and beyond.

           The 40-target 3D course covers timbered, hilly landscape throughout with an assortment of life-size Delta and McKenzie targets, all of them set up to simulate actual hunting situations. Good hunting, hiking, walking shoes are recommended because this will not be a flat walk like some other 3D shoots.

           There are four of the two-day shoots during the summer of 2018 with sign-up Saturday from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM and Sunday from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM, when the final shooters are allowed on the course. 2018 Schedule

                                                             2018 3D Shoot Schedule is:
                                                                      May 19 and 20
                                                                      June 9 and 10
                                                                      July 7 and 8
                                                                      August 11 and 12

           Lunch is served on the grounds with ribeye sandwiches, hamburgers, brats, and hotdogs straight from the grill. Soft drinks are available throughout the day.



   The 3D Entry fees:
Adults (17 & up) $12.00
Kids (9-16) $5.00
Kids under (8) free
Family limit (2 adults) $24.00
member w/card 1/2 price
H member w/card 1/2 price
Reshoot 1/2 price

Hiking boots are recommended and no alcohol is allowed on the course. Contact Mike at 641-295-5566 for more information if needed.



Sorry results are late had computer issues.   We want to thank everyone for coming out and enjoying our
course and spending time with family.  The weather was great we could not have ask for much better. 
Thanks to all the helpers we had for set up and take down with out you guys this would not be as easy
as it is.  Thank you Ron Urfer for the use of your ranger it was much appreciated.

 Open class 

Justin Pfaff               414
Todd Hinkel             401
Steve Pattee            396
Brandon Whitten    390
Jason Ross                390
Curtis Brown            388
Jim Colwell               379
Pat Haefner              375
Scott Kirsch              358
Bryan Stuntebeck    346
Chris Peck                 318
Justin Zook               306
Kyle Reed                 300
Nathan Roberts       295
Bob Mattly               281
Adam Boege            272
Deikan Reed            254
Matt Derifield         239
John Derifield         208 

BowHunter Class

Josh May                384

Jake Reed               383
David M.                 380
Ryan VanTomme    379
Elijah Collins          374
JD VanDee              366
Mike Goudy            362
David W.                 359
Jordan Clayton        357
Gary O'Dell             356
Sam Bricker             356
Mike Henry             349
Cody Gibbs             343
Cody Greiner          329
Rob Clark                326
Kyle Clark               322
Kobe Fisk                312
Colby S.                  308
Payton VanWyk      299
Mark Stark             296
Mike Davis            281
Derek Lamb           270
Aaron Black           270
Devon Roberts       266
Greg VanTomme    238 

Women's BowHunter Class

 Katelyn Boege        306
Kerri Hackett           162 

Youth Class 

Gavin Reed           269 

Traditional Class 

Hunter Springer    369
Blaine Manning    342
Dan Ackerman      338 

Pee Wee Class

Cole Thorson       368

Cub Class

Tyler Thorson                391
Maelyn Parsons   1/2    193
Samuel Parsons    1/2   148
Andrew DeJarnatt  1/2    96


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