Match Director: Hugh Sheridan

The PCSA is the host club for a series of monthly benchrest competitions during the summer at the club’s outdoor range south of Montezuma.  The events follow the U.S. Benchrest Association rules (USBR rules are a guideline for the club’s matches). The entry fee of $5 qualifies shooters to enter as many classes and rifles as they wish with no additional cost.

Rimfire benchrest matches are shot at standard USBR targets, which have 25 four-inch bullseyes, set at 50 yards from the shooting benches. Competitors have ample sighters and 20 minutes to complete the 25 bulls.

The targets are extremely challenging: the outside dimension (the four ring) is slightly more than two inches.  The center ten ring is only one tenth of an inch.  In order to score an X, a shooter must entirely cover the ten ring. All shooting is for score, not groups.

For centerfire classes, the targets are the same, but they are moved out to 100 yards and limited to ten bulls in order to prevent overheating of the larger calibers.  Any guns less than .50 caliber are legal.

Unlimited classes may use one-piece rests. All other classes must use two-piece styles with no connection between front and back.  Most benchrest shooters use adjustable mechanical front rests with sandbag tops in conjunction with a small rear bag, usually a “rabbit ear” sand bag.

Rifles cannot be attached to the rests and they must be fired directly from behind by means of the ordinary triggers.

The USBR classes accommodate almost any rifle from the simplest and least expensive to custom-built target guns, and you can compete in as many classes as you have guns and you can shoot more than one gun in any class and you can shoot the same gun in more than one class.

Rimfire Classes:
Plinker—inexpensive firearm’s valued less than $200, no weight limits, any scope
Sporter—unmodified factory firearms’s under 8.5 lbs (including sights),  any scope
Custom—no limit on firearm’s except under 10.5 lbs (including sights), any scope
Semi-auto–Any semi-auto firearm’s, no restrictions on weight, customization, or scope
Unlimited—anything goes

Centerfire Classes:
Plinker—firearm’s value under $500, any scope
Sporter/Hunter—firearm’s under 10.25 lbs (including sights), any scope 
Factory—unmodified factory firearm’s, original stock, action, trigger, any scope
Varmint Class—firearm’s under 13.5 lbs (including sights), .244 bore or less, any scope
Unlimited—anything goes under .50 caliber

Guns may be weighed before competition to get appropriate classes

NOTE: In case of light rain at 8:30 AM and the forecast is good,
we will wait it out and try to shoot, if heavy rain match canceled.