Bullseye Pistol

Match Director: Stephen Krug

Pistol shooters are welcome to compete in the PCSA’s weekly Monday night 7:00 p.m. Bullseye Pistol matches, that are held from the first Monday in June through the last Monday in October.  All matches are at the PCSA indoor range. We do not hold matches on holidays that fall on Monday nights.

The Bullseye matches generally follow the .22 caliber portion of the NRA Conventional Pistol rules for indoor matches at 50 feet .  Most shooters use semi-automatic .22’s, such as High Standard’s, Smith & Wesson’s, Browning’s or Ruger’s, a few choose to use revolver’s.  A few competitors shoot with open iron sights and scopes, but most choose to mount red-dot sights (lazer’s not allowed).

Shooters are allowed to use two-hand modern techniques, even though the official NRA rules still call for one-hand shooting, and the Monday night PCSA matches are held purely for the enjoyment of the participants and are not reported to the NRA.

The course of fire comprises six targets: two slow fire targets of ten shots on each target in ten minutes (max. total score per target 100), followed by two timed fire targets (ten shots on each target in twenty seconds shot in two five-round strings per target (max. total score per target 100-10x)), and finally two rapid fire targets (ten shots on each target in ten seconds shot in two five round strings per target (max. total score per target 100-10x)).

The six targets add up to a possible max. total score of 600-40x. 

Overall scoring is on the NRA’s handicap system that evens out scores for all shooters, based on how well they shoot against their rolling season average.

The fee to compete each week is $3, and the top three finishers, based on handicapped scores, get a cash payback.  The first two nights for a new shooter are free (unless you want to donate to pay for the targets). Loaner pistols are always available.   

Newcomers are especially welcome, and they will find the veterans willing and eager to help out with explanations and coaching.  If you have never shot your pistol competitively, don’t hesitate to come to the indoor range on a Monday night and try your skill.