High-Power/Small Bore

NRA High-Power Rifle Competition
Match Director: Tom Shaull, Jr.

LOCATION: The PCSA outdoor range, two miles south of Montezuma, Iowa, and one-half mile east.

RULES: NRA High-Power Rules apply.

Small-Bore Rifle Competition
Match Director: Mike Phillips

The small-bore competition is 2 targets slow fire, 20 rounds each. All shooting is prone.  In theory, one target is shot with magnified sights and one with non-magnified sights, but these are not official NRA competitions, so shooters may shoot all or any targets with whatever sights they choose.  The most experienced and successful small-bore shooters bring specialized rifles, ammo, and equipment, but anyone who wants to shoot is welcome, and these are great opportunities to test out the accuracy of sporter rifles like Rugers or Savages against the Anschutzes. No advance sign-up is required; just show up at the range in time to prepare for the 10 AM match and then stay for the High Power match to follow. That is two types of matches and only one trip to save you fuel.